Major Breakthrough in Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Technology in the Building Materials Industry
2024-05-20 S M L

On May 16, coinciding with the National Energy Conservation Publicity Week, the "Experience Exchange Meeting on Benchmark Project of Alternative Fuel at Chongqing Huaxin Diwei Cement Co., Ltd." was held in Chongqing. The event was organized by the China Building Materials Federation (CBMF) and hosted by Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd.


In order to thoroughly implement the "Action Plan for Carbon Peaking in the Building Materials Industry," the CBMF, entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, organized a project titled "Dissecting Typical Enterprises' Carbon Emissions in the Building Materials Industry" involving hundreds of experts and relevant personnel from research institutes and enterprises across the industry. The project resulted in the development of the "Carbon Emission Reduction Technology Guidelines" for the cement, flat glass, building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, and glass fiber industries. These guidelines are intended to guide the industry in energy-saving and carbon-reduction technological transformations. Sixteen enterprises across these industries, with a total of nineteen production lines, were selected to undertake energy-saving and carbon-reduction technology research, application, and pilot verification work.

Chongqing Huaxin Diwei Cement Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaxin Diwei) is one of these sixteen "Carbon Peaking Pilot Enterprises in the Building Materials Industry." Its 2500 t/d cement clinker production line represents existing project lines undergoing energy-saving and carbon-reduction upgrades. The company is also tasked with the research, application, and verification of high-proportion alternative fuel technology in cement kilns.

Fully utilizing the characteristics of cement kiln production processes to implement high-proportion alternative fuel technology is an effective way to adjust the fuel structure of the cement industry and promote carbon reduction in the building materials industry. Huaxin Diwei successfully completed the energy-saving and carbon-reduction technological transformation of its pilot production line, achieving significant breakthroughs in high-proportion alternative fuel technology for cement kilns. The fuel substitution rate consistently exceeded 60%, and the comprehensive energy consumption of cement clinker was reduced to below 50 kgce/t, reaching domestic leading and international advanced levels.

The meeting was attended and addressed by Yan Xiaofeng, President of the China Building Materials Federation; Xing Tao, Deputy Director of the Raw Materials Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Zhong Xi, Deputy Director of the Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Commission; and Li Yeqing, Executive Vice President of the CBMF and CEO of Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd. Chen Guoqing, Executive Vice President of the CBMF, summarized the meeting, while Li Zuming, First-Class Inspector of the Jiangjin District Government of Chongqing, also attended. The meeting was hosted by Sun Xingshou, Chief Economist and Deputy Secretary-General of the CBMF.

In his speech, Yan Xiaofeng fully affirmed the achievements of the Huaxin Diwei project, pointing out that the successful practice of the Huaxin Diwei project plays a significant demonstrative role in the green and low-carbon development of the cement industry. It not only provides a technical path reference for the energy-saving and carbon-reduction upgrades of existing cement clinker production lines but also lays a solid foundation for promoting the construction and practice of "Zero Fossil Energy" demonstration factories. Furthermore, it accumulates valuable experience for the further integration of the building materials industry into China's circular economy system, accelerating the coordinated development of production and cities, and promoting the construction of "Waste-Free Cities."


President Yan Xiaofeng

Yan emphasized the importance of summarizing and learning from the project's successful experiences to deeply promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in the industry. He advocated for the vigorous promotion of advanced applicable technologies and the continuous development of new quality productivity. He stressed the need for strengthening technological innovation, accelerating the research and development of advanced energy-saving and carbon-reduction technologies in the industry, and making early arrangements for carbon-neutral technology research. The goal is to develop unique, original technologies, accelerate the promotion and application of advanced energy-saving and carbon-reduction technologies in the industry, orderly increase the use of clean energy and green electricity, and speed up the research and application of high-proportion hydrogen energy substitution technologies to drive adjustments in the industry's energy structure. Additionally, it is crucial to accelerate the construction of a waste recycling system to provide a foundational guarantee for the coordinated development of the building materials industry and related industries. Finally, Yan highlighted the need to expedite energy-saving and carbon-reduction upgrades in key industries to advance carbon reduction across the sector.


Acceptance Meeting for Huaxin Diwei Cement Company's Benchmark Project on 

High-Proportion Alternative Fuel Technology in Cement Kilns


Experts Group Conducted On-Site Inspection 

at Chongqing Huaxin Diwei Cement Company

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