President Yan Xiaofeng Visited China Jushi Co., Ltd.
2024-05-28 S M L

On May 23, Yan Xiaofeng, President of the China Building Materials Federation, led a delegation to visit China Jushi Co., Ltd., a vice-president unit of the CBMF. The visit aimed to gain a detailed understanding of the company's business development, technological innovation, and industry service needs. The delegation also toured the "Future Factory" and the Smart Exhibition Center of China Jushi in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province. Chen Guoqing, Executive Vice President of the CBMF, participated in the survey.


During the visit, Yan Xiaofeng fully acknowledged the achievements and industry influence of China Jushi. He expressed his hope that, as a global leader in the fiberglass industry, China Jushi would continue to enhance research and investment in technology, standards, and other areas during this pivotal stage of industry development. Yan emphasized the importance of advancing to higher levels of intelligence and actively exploring uncharted territories and disruptive technologies in the industry. He encouraged China Jushi to create a "six-zero" demonstration factory and future industry in the building materials sector, achieving breakthrough development.


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