Leaders from the China Building Materials Federation Attended Cemtech Asia 2024
2024-06-20 S M L
Guoqing, Executive Vice President of the China Building Materials Federation, was invited to the event and delivered a speech. In his speech

Cemtech Asia 2024 was held on Jun.3, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event, organized by International Cement Review, running from 2-5 June, welcomed over 325 cement professionals from 29 countries for an industry-leading conference and a 53-stand exhibition. They jointly discussed technological innovations and sustainable solutions for promoting carbon emission reduction in the cement industry. Chen Guoqing, Executive Vice President of the China Building Materials Federation, was invited to the event and delivered a speech.


In his speech, Chen Guoqing introduced the efforts and phased achievements of China's building materials industry, especially the cement industry, in promoting greenhouse gas emissions reduction. He stated that the Chinese cement industry had already achieved its carbon peak in 2023, and the broader building materials industry is on track to fully reach its carbon peak by 2025, heralding the era of carbon neutrality for China's building materials sector. He outlined that the carbon reduction and neutrality process of China's building materials industry would progress in three stages: The first stage involves promoting advanced and applicable technologies and equipment to help the industry reach its carbon peak; the second stage will increase the research, development, and application of carbon-neutral materials and technologies, along with optimizing energy structure adjustments; the third stage will achieve zero or negative carbon emissions through the development of new industries, products, and technologies, particularly disruptive ones. Currently, the first stage has been largely completed, and the second stage has been initiated, while preparations are being made for the third stage to achieve carbon neutrality.


He emphasized that, to explore the carbon reduction and carbon neutrality pathways for building material enterprises and promote the transformation of industrial development models, we have put forward the requirements for the construction of "Six-Zero" demonstration factories, emphasizing zero purchased electricity, zero fossil energy, zero primary resources, zero carbon emissions, zero waste emissions, and zero staff. This initiative specifies the tangible goals and value orientation for advancing dual carbon objectives in the building materials industry, which has been recognized and encouraged by the Chinese government. The "Six Zero" factory concept received significant attention and positive feedback at the conference.

During the Q&A session, Chen Guoqing also provided detailed answers to questions raised by the delegates about the application and development trends of CCUS technology in the Chinese cement industry, as well as the policy environment and application of alternative fuels.


Lilik Unggul Raharjo,Asosiasi Semen Indonesia (Indonesian Cement Association), announced the organisation’s decarbonisation roadmap, in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry.

“As a follow-up to the implementation and to strengthen the legality of the national cement industry decarbonisation roadmap, we have plans to elevate the roadmap into a Ministerial Regulation which could become the foundation for Indonesia's cement producers to develop their respective decarbonisation roadmaps,” said Putu Nadi Astuti, director of cement, ceramics and non metallic minerals processing industry at Indonesia's Ministry of Industry.

Additionally, over twenty experts from world-renowned companies such as ThyssenKrupp, SCG, Saint-Gobain, and FLSmidth Cement spoke at the conference, collectively exploring new opportunities for future cooperation and development.


Sun Xingshou, Chief Economist and Deputy Secretary-General of the China Building Materials Federation, and Shen Yulu, Director of the International Cooperation Department, attended the forum.

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